Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Company name

Svente LLC

Website name


General manager

Yoshiki Hashimoto



#201, Next One, 6-23-3, Nishikicho

Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0022 JAPAN

Email address

Telephone number

+81 50-5438-5060

Payment methods

Credit Card

(VISA/MasterCard/American Express/JCB/Diners Club/Discover Card)


Convenience Store Payment

Manual Payment(Bank Transfer)

*Please cover the service fee.

Payment due date

If there is no payment within 7 days after your order,

your order will be cancelled.

Shipping will be after payment is confirmed,

so please order with a margin in the schedule.

Delivery charge

We do NOT ship abroad.

Honshu, Shikoku areas 880JPY

Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa areas 1,100JPY

*If the package fits in 2.5cm thickness 400JPY(Nationwide)

*Free shipping on orders over 16,500JPY.

*Refrigerated delivery is available with additional 220JPY.

Delivery days

Around one week after receiving your order.

In term of return

If the items are damaged, we will replace it immediately.

Please refrain from returning items for your personal preferences.

Maximum amounts of your order

24 bottles per order

*Excluding wholesales.


Shipping will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Liquor sales license number: 立酒28

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