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Introducing unique Lithuanian liquor in chart format along with the taste of general liquor. Please refer to it for finding your favorite one at our shop.


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Milda Alc.10%

Dry mead that approaches the white wine is genuine honey wine.

Bociu Alc.14%

A well-balanced mead that keeps the sweetness and gets lower acidity.

Biciu Duoneles Likeris 25%

Honey product propolis liqueur goes well with whiskey.

Copperduke Alc.40%

A craft gin that has been carefully distilled with natural herbs.

Stakliskes Alc.12%

A masterpiece of LT Mead that has been granted a British royal patent.

Trakai Alc.15%

The strong mead is a proud brand with the name of historical castle.

Bitter Bee Propolis 35%

The liqueur of honey and coffee brings you new ideas of cocktail.

Suktinis Alc.50%

Mead nectar is herbal liquor that spreads sweetness of honey.

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